[kde-freebsd] cvs commit: area51/Mk bsd.emacs.mk bsd.gcc.mk bsd.gnome.mk bsd.gnustep.mk bsd.gstreamer.mk bsd.java.mk bsd.kde.mk bsd.lua.mk bsd.php.mk bsd.port.mk bsd.port.subdir.mk bsd.python.mk bsd.ruby.mk bsd.sites.mk bsd.tcl.mk bsd.wx.mk

Bartosz Fabianowski freebsd at chillt.de
Fri Feb 2 14:58:41 CET 2007

> in addition, where is this cvs repo?

I just followed the trail laid by the e-mail address lofi's commit 
messages come from and stumbled upon the repository:


So, if you want to try the new Qt 4 ports before they are ready, now you 
can :).

- Bartosz

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