[kde-freebsd] toshiba laptop keyboard bug and KDE

gregoryd.freebsd at free.fr gregoryd.freebsd at free.fr
Sat Dec 29 00:33:33 CET 2007


I have a Toshiba laptop (a satellite 2410-404), which unfortunately suffers from
the infamous "bounce bug", meaning that some key events are released twice every
so often ("when i tyype i may gett some succh resullts as thhese")

The bug has been circumvened under the console, but with X (xorg, but xfree all
the same) it reappears.

The hack is to use xaccess or xkbset. The latter is what I use, by putting these
lines in my .xinitrc:

${XKBPATH}/xkbset bo 1 2> /dev/null
${XKBPATH}/xkbset exp bo 2> /dev/null

right before launching the wm. (As it is a French keyset, I cannot deactivate
the bouncing from within xorg.conf or else I would have a US keyset...)

With WindowMaker, fluxbox, e16 everything is all right.
And with KDE prior to a certain version (I think it's 3.2 but i cannot confirm
this) it was okay all the same.
But now, with latest KDE for FreeBSD, my little hack no longer works.

Either the bug is still there. Or KDE asks me to enable accessibility keys.
Then, the bug is gone all right, but i cannot type in the same letter twice at a
certain rate (meaning, a double t for instance, needs to be typed with a pause
between two t's). I cannot reduce the delay for bouncing short enough with the
sliding bar, in the accessibility menu.

If i keep the xkbset hack, I need to launch the xkbset command "xkbset bo 1"
manually in a Konsole (or terminal for that matter) each time I launch a session
(which is a bore)

So, basically: what can I do to find the old behaviour back (with xkbset
commands in my .xinitrc) ? Why has it changed anyway ?

Thank you very much for your help,
gregory delfly

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