[kde-freebsd] strange issue with kdelibs3 upgrade

Eric W. Bates ericx at vineyard.net
Sun Dec 23 01:36:42 CET 2007

thank you for maintaining this port.  I hope it is not a thankless task.

I recently upgraded an old workstation from kdelibs3.5.3 to 3.5.8 and
ran into an unfortunate issue.  As the old library was being deleted,
the script removed /usr/local/share/icons/hicolor/index.theme. This is
the file used to test whether the hicolor icons are installed; so this
resulted in an attempt to resinstall the icons. Which failed because
the port was already installed.

Since I generally use portupgrade, this immediatly resulted in a
restoration of the older version of kdelibs (without index.theme).

I forced a reinstall of the icons and tried again.  Same pattern (took
me a while to suss ... I'm a bit dense).

Maybe you know all about this issue.  Maybe it is ancient history and
has been addressed in later versions of kdelibs. Thanks in any case.


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