[kde-freebsd] a problem found while upgrading KDE

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Sat Dec 1 11:58:33 CET 2007

Tseng Teng-Yi 曾騰毅 schrieb:
> Dear Michael,
> Many thanks for your reply.
> Please forgive my poor English, I am a Taiwanese.
> Seems I was misunderstood. Please let me explain again.
> The installed kdelib is 3.5.7 and the kdebase in ports is 3.5.8, this
> situation occurs again. I got the same messages as these 2 links. In
> fact, I upgraded KDE from PCBSD then caused that.  Of course, I can
> use "portupgrade -a" twice to solve this.
> I think the solution is to *REQUIRE* kdelib's version in kdebase's
> Makefile, isn't it?
I see what you mean. Yes, we could change the dependency from the
dependency file to a name-version dependency like in qt4 ... but this
would still end in a fatal error:

- User attempts to upgrade kdebase 3.5.7 to 3.5.8
- kdebase depends on kdelibs>=3.5.8, ports.mk displays error message
---> Upgrade fails.

The error message would be more useful to most users who run into this
than the compile-time error they are getting now though, so I guess it
is still a good idea.

However, I would be interested in what circumstances a "portupgrade -a"
would skip kdelibs, but subsequently try to upgrade kdebase. If working
properly, portupgrade should never do this except when specifically
invoked as 'portupgrade kdebase'. Even "portupgrade kdebase kdelibs",
"portupgrade kde\*" or "portupgrade -r arts" or anything else
imaginable, except specifically updating kdebase only, should not result
in an attempt to upgrade kdebase if kdelibs could not be successfully
upgraded beforehand.

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