[kde-freebsd] PreciseMail Quarantined Messages (expire 25-Aug-2007)

PreciseMail at iceland PreciseMail at iceland
Mon Aug 20 16:26:47 CEST 2007

PreciseMail Anti-Spam has quarantined the following incoming messages
for you.  To retrieve a message from the quarantine area, REPLY to
this message, deleting all of the text except the "Message:" lines
you want retrieved.  For more information, send the command
"HELP" in the body of a mail message to "PreciseMail".

At the time of this notification, these messages will be retrievable
for 5 days (until 25-Aug-2007).


Message: 20070820020213KDE3A89EBEB.SPAM
Date:    2007-08-20 02:02
From:    "Marguerite Sanderson" <glucose9showboat at wittkieffer.com>
To:      kde at freebsd.org
Subject: new lists on sale now
Score:   35.500

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