[kde-freebsd] ports/111440: [PATCH] audio/kdemultimedia-juk: change LIB_DEPENDS to audio/libtunepimp

Cheng-Lung Sung clsung at tw.freebsd.org
Tue Apr 17 01:20:06 CEST 2007

The following reply was made to PR ports/111440; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Cheng-Lung Sung <clsung at tw.freebsd.org>
To: bug-followup at FreeBSD.org, lwhsu at FreeBSD.org, lofi at freebsd.org,
	Dima Panov <fluffy at ael.ru>
Subject: Re: ports/111440: [PATCH] audio/kdemultimedia-juk: change
	LIB_DEPENDS to audio/libtunepimp
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 06:56:28 +0800

     It's really embarrassing we didn't notice
 === cut me here ===
 checking tunepimp/tp_c.h usability... yes
 checking tunepimp/tp_c.h presence... yes
 checking for tunepimp/tp_c.h... yes
 checking for tp_SetFileNameEncoding in -ltunepimp... yes
 checking for tp_SetTRMCollisionThreshold in -ltunepimp... no
 configure: WARNING: Tunepimp 0.5 detected - disabled.
 === it's over ===
     And Let's talk about libtunepimp-old, the reason we
     repo it to -old instead '4' is to temporary hold the
     line for audio/juk, audio/amarok. They have release
     new versions before last Sep 4 (and someone told me 
     libtunepimp-old can be retired).
     Anyway, it's always safe to think before we send.
     Dima, are you insterested in maintain libtunepimp-old?
     Maybe you can help us keep an eye on it. :-)
 Best Regards,
 Alan Cheng-Lung Sung - clsung@

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