KF6 sprint meeting notes 2021-04-03

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Apr 3 15:18:01 BST 2021

Here are the notes from today's meeting (thanks Luigi )

Feature deprecation process
- when to deprecate a feature? Deprecation signals people that they should 
start porting, but on the other hand the users of a certain feature may need 
help and the new feature may require some stabilization;
- a change on a complex application (ex kmymoney) may require help from both 
the Frameworks developers and the application developers, both with their 
specific knowledge 
- conclusion: deprecate as soon as the replacement is proven to be effective 
in relevant use cases, and the deprecation doesn't mean the people who worked 
on the deprecation stop working on the porting of the application

Back on https://phabricator.kde.org/T14233 (ECM and multiple Qt version)

TODO: build a proof of concept with solution 2) (make sure find_package(Qt) is 
called explicitly before find_package(ECM)) with some real repository and see 
how it looks like. Other discussions about the general solution. See solution 
3 added to the task right now.

Back on https://phabricator.kde.org/T14164 (Create version-less KF cmake 

(brief summary from the sprint discussion, please check the task)
The perfect solution would be to accept both (versioned and unversioned) 
targets but write the correct one in the configuration files, but such a 
solution doesn't seem to be possible from the previous discussion (may need 
additional discussion with steveire, and changes in cmake)

Update on https://phabricator.kde.org/T13806 (KParts plugin cleanup)

The feature is only used by Konqueror, so it can be moved to the application 
and removed from Frameworks

Timeline for bumping dependencies?
(Qt 5.15, C++17, CMake >= 3.16). Already agreed (by distributions). It needs 
to be done (can happen now, since tagging just happened) and be advertised in 
the proper channels (announce). Problem solved!

Possible point of discussions for the next KF6 meetings (so that people are 
Possibility: Plasma-related topics; KIO-related topics. Maybe solve lower-
level first? (QTextCodec - blocked on Qt regaining support on those old 
codecs, state changed).
Proposed for next week's meeting:
- KGlobalAccel (T12063)
- KPluginInfo kcmservices (T13555)
- KSelectAction (T12097)

See you next week!

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