reviving make uninstall?

Christoph Feck cfeck at
Fri Jan 30 10:29:12 UTC 2015

On Friday 30 January 2015 11:12:45 Alex Merry wrote:
> On Friday 30 January 2015 10:08:09 Alex Merry wrote:
> > Well, if there's demand for it, I don't personally have any
> > objections to adding it back in. It could go in KDECMakeSettings
> > in e-c-m, although I think I'd want to check with the
> > kde-core-devel and/or kde-devel lists before doing a change that
> > will affect such a large number of software projects (after all,
> > it may cause issues for projects that define an uninstall target
> > themselves).
> Although LXR suggests this won't be an issue.

The sooner you revive the feature, the smaller is the chance that 
someone defines an uninstall target ;)

Christoph Feck (kdepepo)
(who always used a wired "while read N ; do rm $N ; done < 
install_manifest.txt" because he didn't know about xargs...)

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