Supporting MSVC2010 in ktexteditor framework

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Thu Jan 29 08:49:58 UTC 2015

Hi all,

So, the thread died out again.

Who is in favour of the following:
- Require MSVC10 like (aka status quo)
- Require MSVC11
- Require MSVC12

(it would be nice to get the input from kde windows guys as well)


On 17 November 2014 at 14:41, Kai Uwe Broulik <kde at> wrote:
>> > > - initializer lists
>> > Unsupported on VS2012.
>> Again, seems to be that CTP thingie, damn. (though, again, the initializer
>> lists should also be tested - maybe they also work if the number of arguments
>> is less than ...)
> I've had problems with them even on VS2013, like return QHash<int, QByteArray>({ {FooRole, "foo} });
> For QAbstractListModel::roleNames() which worked fine in recent clang and gcc.
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