Review Request 121737: KPluginInfo: Fix properties not being copied from KService::Ptr

Alex Richardson arichardson.kde at
Wed Jan 28 09:56:12 UTC 2015

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(Updated Jan. 28, 2015, 9:56 vorm.)

Review request for KDE Frameworks and David Faure.


fix issues

Repository: kservice


This should fix property() returning empty QVariants even if it
existed in the .desktop file

Diffs (updated)

  autotests/fakeplugin.desktop 9c6df7ffdb95f9e1b6e6f921040db00e8e5565ff 
  autotests/fakeplugin.json 067a302505956c34e940ce0f6facd8a1745384ec 
  autotests/kplugininfotest.cpp b520a9ca83e88fe5e4a2d53d4e05d7eb9764beea 
  src/services/kplugininfo.cpp 35e09fa49603a3c9fd5b534cacf46c18c848eaf4 



KDED now correctly reads X-Kded-* in instead of reading the default value.


Alex Richardson

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