Review Request 122220: Don't show two progress dialogs for PasteJob

Martin Klapetek martin.klapetek at
Fri Jan 23 22:34:22 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDE Frameworks and David Faure.

Bugs: 342276

Repository: kio


PasteJob creates a copy/move job and passes its flags to it. These jobs then register with the progress dialog, but so does the original PasteJob and then there are two progress bars/dialogs.

This moves the registration to the job tracker only to the pasteMimeDataImpl job which does not take the flags of the parent job. I'm not sure if it makes sense there though. Alternatively it could be just removed.


  src/widgets/pastejob_p.h f5e68d3 



Copying and moving files no longer spawns two progress dialogs.


Martin Klapetek

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