Review Request 122140: Support reading IconPixmap and IconMask from WM_HINTS in NETWinInfo

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Wed Jan 21 08:58:33 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDE Frameworks.

Repository: kwindowsystem


WM_HINTS property is already read and this provides the icon pixmap
and icon mask hint as read from WM_HINTS. This can be used for example
in KWindowSystem::icon which currently uses an XLib call.

Use NETWinInfo's WM2WindowClass and WM2IconPixmap in KWindowSystemPrivateX11::icon

Instead of using an XLib call the wrapper from NETWinInfo is used.
This reduces the number of roundtrips to the X server in case flags
includes both NETWM, ClassHint and WMHints.

In additon we don't need the deprecated x error eater any more.


  autotests/netwininfotestclient.cpp a0fdc403bb8329ea9fde786494bc0ccf88a8ebfd 
  src/kwindowsystem_x11.cpp bf958ae63b48424fc412405259f082b740928f9a 
  src/netwm.h 382ab460867905fdf0a4106a271e6614478fb438 
  src/netwm.cpp 1c96aaf9e480842c0b5379c89722f2e91a664476 
  src/netwm_def.h 49d02035eaec402a61e0b17b377b27c80d605b7b 
  src/netwm_p.h 0f1dd62ecd9c856e028dd33d28d461ed7099f60b 




Martin Gräßlin

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