Review Request 119337: Wait for KMainWindow size restoring before auto saving the size

Martin Klapetek martin.klapetek at
Tue Jan 20 15:46:18 UTC 2015

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for KDE Frameworks.

Repository: kxmlgui


Playing a bit with the KXmlGuiWindow test showed that it didn't restore its size properly on reopening. I found out that KWindowConfig::saveWindowSize() is called before KWindowConfig::restoreWindowSize() which results in overwriting the values in the config file and KWindowConfig::restoreWindowSize() then reads the changed values.

So this patch calls KWindowConfig::saveWindowSize() only after we have applied the size from the config file. Additionally, it checks if the windowHandle() we're trying to resize is NULL as that can result in no resize and yet the d->sizeApplied being wrongly set to true.


  src/kmainwindow.cpp e273a76 



KXmlGuiWindow (the one in tests/) now correctly stores & restores its size.


Martin Klapetek

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