Move thumbnail kioslave and thumbcreator service type to kio?

David Faure faure at
Sun Jan 18 10:01:08 UTC 2015

On Sunday 18 January 2015 11:53:58 Bhushan Shah wrote:
> Hello!
> At moment thumbnail kioslave and thumcreator servicetype is provided
> by kio-extras repo. However KImageFilePreview uses thumbcreator
> service type, which results in non functioning KIMageFIlePreview with
> error/warning,
> KServiceTypeTrader: serviceType "ThumbCreator" not found
> if kio-extras is not installed, so kio-extras becomes hidden dep for kio..
> So any thoughts on moving thumbnail kioslave and thumbcreator service
> type to kio?

The servicetype: yes, for sure, it should be there.

The kioslave: on one hand, we can't have all kioslaves in kio; on the other 
hand, this one indeed has specific API in KIO (PreviewJob), which doesn't work 
if kio_thumbnail isn't there. Given that kio_thumbnail has no additional 
required dependency (apart from libjpeg), I am OK with it moving to the KIO 

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