Review Request 122072: Bump SOVERSION in libksysguard due to BIC change in 3f9ecc33

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Thu Jan 15 13:24:39 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDE Frameworks, Plasma, Martin Gräßlin, Gregor Mi, Marco Martin, and Harald Sitter.


Adding Harald, a packager's input would be good I guess.

Bugs: 342837

Repository: libksysguard


3f9ecc33 in libksysguard.git added a new data member to the publically-exported Process class, which doesn't have a d-ptr. This is a BIC change, and currently causing lots of crashes for Plasma users (see bug 342837). This diff bumps the SO version for the processcore library - and for all the other libs installed by libksysguard, since I didn't want to bifurcate the version handling in the build system and make it much more complicated.


  CMakeLists.txt ca303e8045676b724d63d71a34345dbff92a6541 
  ksgrd/CMakeLists.txt ed896a29a52855cf98f4e73833d7bbe76dde148a 
  lsofui/CMakeLists.txt 5ae53b07f8b5d53c7246034e29910203f9a8a424 
  processcore/CMakeLists.txt 13291056719878748df71e3e323e745397c3a54d 
  processui/CMakeLists.txt f7b12d738410ce490e6cd3bd2c8ab6728a67f72c 
  signalplotter/CMakeLists.txt 818c7d66871080c4bb0df3b337419f89a0813969 




Eike Hein

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