Infopage in frameworkintegration

Alex Merry alex.merry at
Sat Jan 10 11:43:23 UTC 2015

On Monday 07 July 2014 23:49:50 David Faure wrote:
> On Saturday 26 April 2014 13:26:31 Alex Merry wrote:
> > FrameworkIntegration installs a bunch of images and css files to
> > ${DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/kf5/infopage. LXR suggests nothing ever references
> > an "infopage" directory (either in kf5-qt5 or in qt4-latest), except for
> > the CMakeLists.txt files in frameworkintegration, and the
> > (which suggests the images are for info pages for applications).
> > 
> > Are these for GNU Info documentation? Are they actually used anywhere?
> > Does anyone know whether they have any use?
> Sounds like the stuff used by konqueror, kmail, akregator, etc. -- when they
> show their blue "info page" at startup.
> konqueror/about/  res = res.arg( KStandardDirs::locate(
> "data", "kdeui/about/kde_infopage.css" ) ); (not ported yet to KF5)

I feel like this stuff belongs in some "program resources" package for non-arch 
(ie: not libraries or binaries) data shared between KDE applications. Sort of 
a "KDE branding" package or some such. Is it worth splitting off this stuff from 
frameworkintegration, and maybe putting it under Applications in the project 


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