Review Request 121885: Properly check for systray being available

Martin Klapetek martin.klapetek at
Tue Jan 6 18:16:08 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDE Frameworks.

Bugs: 339707

Repository: frameworkintegration


The "org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher" is just a watcher/helper, not the actual systray object, that's "org.kde.StatusNotifierHost-$PID". Because Plasma appends the PID, we cannot check directly for it being present on the bus, so we check the org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher.IsStatusNotifierHostRegistered property that's meant to be used for this.

Plus QSystemTrayIcon::isSystemTrayAvailable() is actually returning always true, because the Watcher is in kded and is /always/ present.

This also fixes many apps with KSNI crashing on plasma exit, bug 339707 (though I believe this is not the direct cause for that bug)


  src/platformtheme/kdeplatformsystemtrayicon.cpp b5e207c 



Things do not crash anymore and the ::isSystemTrayAvailable() now returns correct value.


Martin Klapetek

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