Replacement for KMimeType::isBinaryData?

David Faure faure at
Mon Jan 5 14:04:48 UTC 2015

On Monday 05 January 2015 12:39:36 Milian Wolff wrote:
> In KDevelop, we support file/project templates. These are archives of files
> that may contain placeholders that will get replaced with user input when a
> file/project is created from a template. This replacement can only work on
> non-binary data, which is what the code checked in KDE4 times. In slightly
> abbreviated code:
> AppWizardPlugin::copyFileAndExpandMacros(sourceFile, destFile)
> {
>   if (isBinaryData(source)) {
>     KIO::copy(source, dest);
>   } else {
>     destFile << expandMacros(sourceFile);
>   }
> }

I see.

> You have more knowledge about mimetypes than us. Can we maybe just check
> whether the mimetype of sourceFile inherits text/plain?

Excellent idea. This would go a long way indeed.

I tried to find if this wouldn't work for some mimetypes, but I can't find an 
example - it seems that it would indeed work just fine.

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