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Thu Jan 1 21:55:40 UTC 2015

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This change has been marked as submitted.

Review request for KDE Frameworks and David Faure.

Bugs: 64740 and 246260

Repository: kio


This adds support for *.hidden* files to KDE.

When listing a directory, the files/folders listed in the *.hidden* file will be hidden, unless the user has chosen to show hidden files.

This patch was initially based on the patch provided by Mark in Bug #246260.


  src/core/kcoredirlister.cpp f5c5627 
  src/core/kcoredirlister_p.h db096c5 
  src/core/kfileitem.h a815aee 
  src/core/kfileitem.cpp 6a2cfa5 



Built and tested the patch in Project Neon.
Dolphin was still using KDE4/Qt4 version of the library, so I only tested using the desktop folder widget, and "folder desktop".
It worked correctly when I pointed it to "~" and "~/Desktop" (I added ".hidden" there).
However, it didn't work when I pointed it to the "Desktop folder" (the default option, not the custom location "~/Desktop").
More testing is required.

The version for KDE4/Qt4 submitted to Bug #246260 was tested in Kubuntu 14.04, and it worked everywhere I tested (Dolphin, open/save dialogs, folder widget and detailed/tree view in Dolphin).
It wasn't an intensive test, though.


Bruno Nova

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