KF5 Update Meeting Minutes 2014-w28

Kevin Ottens ervin at kde.org
Tue Jul 8 15:30:19 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

This is the minutes of the Week 28 KF5 meeting. As usual it has been held on 
#kde-devel at 4pm Paris time.

Were present: agateau, apol, d_ed, dfaure, fregl, mgraesslin, notmart, 
PovAddict, Riddell, sandsmark, tosky, unormal, vHanda and myself.

 * KF 5.0 got officially released yesterday!
 * As announced this meeting is more forward looking than reporting, 
especially useful would be: features you want to see appear, and areas for 
improvements you see;
 * It will be our last regular meeting for the time being, we can move to flow 
base without trying to set a strict deadline now (as release and development 
is mostly decoupled);

 * agateau would like to see the ColumnResizer class get out of review limbo 
(probably didn't have enough energy to get it in Qt, would happily push it to 

 * apol would like us to figure out how we expect people to develop on apps 
with KF5;
 * we need to ensure the tooling is there and that it's easy to get started;
 * he's also like to see the android port progress, in particular he got no 
answer about getting a file in ECM to that effect;

 * d_ed has two models he wants to get into kf5 at some point (one similar to 
KCategoryModel, allowing a row in two categories, the other one merges two 
list models together);
 * also he'd like the framework integration to be cleaned up and to sync 
itself with breeze's settings;
 * dfaure plans to complete the startup notification in kdbusservice;
 * he also plans to replace sycoca;
 * he also wants to figure out what to do with libkonq;

 * fregl wants to see more focus on a11y;
 * he notes it will require being able to operate plasma based code with the 

 * mgraesslin would like windows and macos support effective in KWindowSystem;
 * he plans wayland support in kwindowsystem too;
 * he'd also like the runtime component of kglobalaccel back in the framework 

 * notmart would welcome a git hook to make sure all commits are reviewed;
 * he's not sold on the no branches policy, actually plasma-framework seeing 
heavy work he pushed feature branches already (said policy isn't written 
anywhere BTW);
 * for the upcoming versions he wants the runtime part of plasma-framework to 
converge as much as possible the plasma components and the qt controls;
 * there's interest to move Package out of plasma-framework, a solution should 
be devised;

 * PovAddict is working on a single-app installer for windows:
   http://i.imgur.com/zokLHVe.png ;
 * he'd like our documentation to improve, we're really behind alternatives in 
that regard;

 * Riddell would like kauth/polkit fixed;
 * he'd like the kwallet migrator done ASAP;
 * he'd also like kdesudo next to kdesu;
 * finally, he pointed out that the schedule was missing the string freezes;

 * sandsmark wants to get to grammar checking in sonnet;
 * he's also like to get auto-correct in sonnet;

 * tosky would like to see more tests;
 * he'd also want more work on some of the i18n components;

 * unormal is looking forward to more mac CI results;
 * the windows CI is a bit stuck;
 * he'd like to see progress on the android CI;
 * he'd like to see a donation button in KDE apps based on KF5 (developers 
could opt-out);
 * he's thinking we should ask third party developers if they want to send us 
some information when they use a framework to create an app;

 * vHanda would like kfilemetadata to make it into a framework;
 * he'd also like to turn baloo into a framework;
 * finally he'd like gestures in kglobalaccel;

 * ervin hopes to see kdepimlibs bits getting in sooner rather than later;
 * also he would like our developer story to be clearer, tooling needs to be 
improved for our different targets (especially third parties);
 * finally he thinks we need to strengthen our CI system and tests to raise 
the bar on quality.

If you got questions, feel free to ask.

Kévin Ottens, http://ervin.ipsquad.net

KDAB - proud supporter of KDE, http://www.kdab.com

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