OSX/MacPorts KDE CI System: Asking for trouble due to installations outside the expected $DATA_INSTALL_DIR/kf5 directory for khtml and katepart5

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Jul 5 18:04:23 UTC 2014

On Saturday 05 July 2014 18:31:20 Marko Käning wrote:
> Hi David and all,
> > Which proves my point: .rc files don't go into the kf5 subfolder.
> I was pondering this again just now and came to the conclusion that
> all the KF5/KDE frameworks and apps should install everything into
> some subdir of the system's directory like
>    /Library/Application Support/KF5/
> by which KF5 wouldn't clutter "/Library/Application Support" with
> a ton of KF5-related files.

This doesn't fit with QStandardPaths::GenericDataLocation which points to
/Library/Application Support.

This is the issue: there isn't just "one vendor". Anyone can build apps on top 
of Qt and KF5. So we can't hardcode a vendor in Qt or KF5 APIs.

We could design APIs that force passing a vendor string,
or we could use the name of the technology as the vendor string,
like /Library/Application Support/KXMLGUI but that would mean that every app 
would end up installing something in there, rather than in
/Library/Application Support/<application name>.

Proposals about moving stuff around have to look at the code changes that it 
implies, and whether they are actually doable (i.e. "how can some generic 
shared code find out about these files").

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