Review Request 119988: Package structure cleanups

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Fri Aug 29 14:20:51 UTC 2014

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for KDE Frameworks and Plasma.

Repository: plasma-framework


This patch set does the following:

* tidy up the data engine plugin loading code
* make PackageStructure plugins use the json method as with DataEngines
* remove ShellPackage; it moves to live with plasmashell (review #119989)

The goal here is to get rid of the plasmaquick library as much as possible. It was unnecessary in the first place since PackageStructure supports plugins. The only potentially controversial change here is to move PackageStructure to use the json-based plugin loading. That seems to be the more modern approach, but plugin loading in libplasma is currently a mix of the old and the new. As PackageStructure changed API in plasma-framework, meaning any existing plugins from 4.x would need updating anyways, this seems a safe enough change to make as it should impact exactly zero plugins out there currently.


  src/plasma/packagestructure.h fb32c22a6e7df1528b3d7a5b30b94c60a85a93e3 
  src/plasma/pluginloader.cpp d2ba5ca2d3a96fe6f1ce26be41df3b0954b924df 
  src/plasma/private/packages.cpp 5eb6f0021392257634dfd958c940b2945989e48b 
  src/plasma/private/packages_p.h 0833a4ed1b5704efffccade5e52589878e8b4957 
  src/plasmaquick/CMakeLists.txt 1ed7c67efcba0e6dbef1ff929b176090786503de 
  src/plasmaquick/private/packages.h 7498832d0537611903c13e544db6486bab163dd3 
  src/plasmaquick/private/packages.cpp 52758482230d271712e4bb3b6d33f8fdeaa848a8 
  src/plasmaquick/shellpluginloader.h 6c56e5f7b269c3af7587a58cbe104468a2c679c4 
  src/plasmaquick/shellpluginloader.cpp 2824760e6f64a694bd14b46d2f80151304e3e4d3 
  src/plasma/dataengine.h d87a6f8361c892a249374a5c9da7e84836195156 
  src/plasma/package.cpp 6ad332167bb83c2f794f9f5d059e9f369ad33841 



Ran a full Plasma Desktop session.


Aaron J. Seigo

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