Review Request 119992: PackageStructure plugin loading and tidy up of DataEngien plugin loading

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Fri Aug 29 14:20:20 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Frameworks and Plasma.

Repository: plasma-framework


This patch removes dead code (ContainmentPackage), clean up DataEngine plugin loading and updates PackageStructure plugin loading.

Open question: which plugin loading mechanism is to be used:

a) KServiceTypeTrader
b) KPluginTrader
c) KPlugintTrader with a KServiceTypeTrade fallback
d) KServiceTypeTrader with a KPluginTrader fallback

DataEngine is currently (b), complete with a #define in the header that won't work as expected.
In this patch PackageStructure is moved to (b) as well. (There is an open RR for a correponding patch set in plasma-workspace).
Everything else seems to use (a).

Some plugins are not used in Plasma 5 due to changes with QML, and I guess that some of this confusion is due to the decreased use of some of these plugins. A decision needs to be made, however about what they should be now and in the future.


  src/plasma/pluginloader.cpp d2ba5ca2d3a96fe6f1ce26be41df3b0954b924df 
  src/plasma/private/packages.cpp 5eb6f0021392257634dfd958c940b2945989e48b 
  src/plasma/private/packages_p.h 0833a4ed1b5704efffccade5e52589878e8b4957 
  src/plasma/package.cpp 6ad332167bb83c2f794f9f5d059e9f369ad33841 
  src/plasma/packagestructure.h fb32c22a6e7df1528b3d7a5b30b94c60a85a93e3 



Ran a Plasma Desktop 5 session with these changes.


Aaron J. Seigo

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