Review Request 119871: Fix rendering glitches of TabButtons due to inconsistent option->state settings

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo.pereira at
Wed Aug 20 20:21:55 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Frameworks, Christoph Feck, Gilles Caulier, and Marko Käning.


Marko, if this indeed fixes 296810, does it make sense to backport it to kdelibs4?

Repository: kwidgetsaddons


With both breeze and oxygen, the multitabbar tab buttons had visual glitches when pressed/hovered/focused, etc. 

See for instance Kate.

This is due to an inconsistency in the option->state set in initStyleOption.
State_AutoRaise is passed in mouse-over mode, and not passed in normal mode.
1/ styles might not have the same margins, offsets, etc. for autoraised and flat toolbuttons
2/ the mouseover state might not be the same at the time ::sizeHint is called and at the time ::paintevent is called.
So you can get random rendering issues, due to typically the widget size not being what is expected by the style to paint.

Easy fix is to always set the state as autoraise (which makes sense for this 'custom' toolbar. 

PS: Christoph, I'd like to add groups instead of reviewers, but am really confused about how this works in kf5 days ... 

PS2: I can try add screenshots if necessary


  src/kmultitabbar.cpp 0420bec 



With oxygen, breeze and fusion.
No more issues


Hugo Pereira Da Costa

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