How to promote less mature Frameworks?

Kevin Ottens ervin at
Tue Aug 19 07:33:07 UTC 2014

On Tuesday 19 August 2014 08:44:10 David Faure wrote:
> On Friday 15 August 2014 12:51:58 Kevin Ottens wrote:
> > And that's the problem if we release them. If it's released "with the
> > rest" expect people to have wrong expectations about them.
> > 
> > A possibility would be perhaps to produce nightly tarballs for those
> > frameworks which don't have the "release: true" flag. This way they keep
> > not being part of a release, and early adopters have something easy to
> > grab.
> Wouldn't early adopters just checkout and build from git ?

Well, I guess some of them might just want to grab something and run with it. 
Maybe not the majority indeed...

> I don't know about you, but I almost never download a source tarball,
> because a git checkout is just so much easier to update later.
> We mostly make tarballs for packagers, and the non-mature frameworks we're
> talking about should definitely NOT be packaged.


> IMHO the solution is just to publicize the upcoming frameworks somewhere.

Which shouldn't be that hard, it's "only" about processing the yaml file and 
creating a page listing them. I think that's what makes most sense indeed.

Kévin Ottens,

KDAB - proud supporter of KDE,

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