OSX/CI: kgeography fails to build on branch frameworks

Marko Käning mk-lists at email.de
Mon Aug 11 21:09:48 UTC 2014

Hi Albert,

On 11 Aug 2014, at 23:05 , Albert Astals Cid <aacid at kde.org> wrote:
> I appreciate your efforts for building kgeography_frameworks, please try again 
> since i just pushed some code to it.
just did.
All is fine now. :)

> But, i think you should not try to build more thing than the linux CI, it's 
> just asking for trouble :D
Well, I have been already regularly building kgeography on OSX/CI w/o trouble...
You see, there’s not so much trouble as you are afraid of! ;)

Thanks for taking care of this so quickly.


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