Review Request 119523: port TextField to QtControls

Marco Martin notmart at
Thu Aug 7 13:45:20 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Frameworks and Plasma.

Repository: plasma-framework


this ports TextField to Qt Controls.

Not sure if is really meargeable tough, because the old one used to export several properties and functions more, but they are not possible anymore, because in order for them to work is needed the access to the internal TextInput, and we don't have that, so some api should have to be dropped, breaking the compatibility promise.
(another option would be to still use an own implementation, but use a compatible style anyways)


  src/declarativeimports/plasmacomponents/qml/TextField.qml 5bc6b58 
  src/declarativeimports/plasmacomponents/qml/styles/TextFieldStyle.qml PRE-CREATION 




Marco Martin

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