Review Request 119382: Port kio-mtp to KF5

Jan Grulich jgrulich at
Tue Aug 5 12:36:48 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Frameworks and Philipp Schmidt.

Repository: kio-mtp


I ported kio-mtp to KF5 including:
kDebug -> qCDebug
KUrl -> QUrl

And it doesn't need Kdelibs4Support.

Also one thing which should be probably considered is including kio-mtp in kio-extras.


  kio_mtp.cpp 6e587fa 
  kio_mtp_helpers.h b66adbd 
  CMakeLists.txt cb27440 
  devicecache.h 1fa3932 
  devicecache.cpp 54ca56f 
  filecache.h 590e799 
  filecache.cpp dfd4fe6 
  kio_mtp.h b05f09b 
  kio_mtp_helpers.cpp 0f9ddbc 



My phone is visible in Dolphin and I was able to finally copy my photos from phone to my laptop.


Jan Grulich

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