Review Request 119564: Add define to re-enable Qt functionality we depend on.

Axel Rasmussen axel.rasmussen1 at
Tue Aug 5 07:07:04 UTC 2014

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for Build System, Extra Cmake Modules and KDE Frameworks.

Bugs: 337472

Repository: extra-cmake-modules


Upstream Qt commit e112c2e altered the way QExplicitlySharedDataPointer behaves by default, such that it no longer uses a `static_cast` to cast compatible pointers. A nontrivial amount of KDE code (I encountered the build error in KService, although there are other users) depends on this functionality, so this commit adds a define to the build system which re-enables the code in Qt.


  kde-modules/KDECompilerSettings.cmake fdc930e 



I applied this patch, attempted to build KService, and the build succeeded, rather than exhibiting the compile errors found in the log provided on the bug report.


Axel Rasmussen

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