Review Request 119540: don't construct bogus KAuthAction objects

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Fri Aug 1 14:35:23 UTC 2014

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(Updated Aug. 1, 2014, 2:35 p.m.)


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Review request for KDE Frameworks, Hrvoje Senjan and Martin Bříza.

Repository: kconfigwidgets


KAuthAction(0) actually calls the QString constructor which will dispatch
bogus polkit auth checks, polkitqt and polkitd are not terribly happy about
those and subsequently don't want to talk to the KCM anymore, even if it
manages to create a proper Action

creating a null Action rather than accidentally triggering the QString
ctor ensures that we only do polkit interaction with reasonable actionids
making sure that authentication works as expected


  src/kcmodule.cpp 92e5427c121491e4ebf289addda040cc117cdd68 



tested with clock kcm, succesfully can talk with the helper app if the bogus actionid "" wasn't used intermediately


Harald Sitter

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