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Martin Klapetek martin.klapetek at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 12:07:31 UTC 2013

Hey folks,

the printsupport in Qt has still couple of open tasks, forwarding a mail
from John. The Qt 5.2 feature freeze is very close now, I'll be working on
those this week, but if anyone wants to help, feel free to claim some
tasks. I'll be adding them to the wiki shortly, so be sure to claim it
there, so others know you're doing them.

Also, David & Kevin, see John's last point, what's your take on that?

Martin Klapetek | KDE Developer

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From: John Layt <jlayt at kde.org>
Date: Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 9:07 PM
Subject: Print Dialog - next steps
To: Martin Klapetek <martin.klapetek at gmail.com>, Rohan Garg <rohan at kde.org>

Hi guys,

Your code is looking good, just that design change to take into account and
should be done with those two reviews.

There's three more tasks after that, most of which are adapting more of my
KDE code:

1) Add Banner Page support to the Job tabs.  Take the Banner Pages box from
the KDE Pages tab and add it to Martin's Job tab in Qt.  Should be quick and
easy to do now.

2) Add Page Range support for apps that can't do it themselves.  Some apps
like Kate/KWrite can't select pages to print, so just print the entire
document.  Cups can select the pages for them.  In KDE we provide api for
apps to set to use this, but we can do it implicitly in Qt without api.  If
the app doesn't set PrintDialogOption::PrintPageRange then we don't normally
show that Page Range entry.  If we have Cups then we can show it, tell the
to print AllPages, and tell Cups the page range to print.

3) Add Page Set support.  We currently insert the Page Set combo into the Qt
dialog on the Copies tab using a dirty hack, now we can put it there for
:-)  We'll use only the Server-Side Page Selection for this, i.e. tell the
to print all the pages in the chosen range, then tell Cups to print only the
odd or even pages from that.  One problem my current code deals with is that
Cups applies the Page Set it to the pages it receives, not the page numbers
the app, so there's an adjustment that needs to be made first.  For
example, if
you print from page 4 to 8 and tell Cups to print Even Pages you will
get pages 5 and 7.

4) Cups is a bit silly in applying the PagesPerSheet setting to the physical
output pages and not the logical pages.  This means if you use it with
or the Cups PageRange selection the user doesn't get what they expect.  We
need to make these features mutually exclusive.  Best way I think is if the
user hits the Print button then we check if both have been selected and
display a message box if they have.

5) In KF5 the KdePrintDialog stuff can either be removed entirely, or more
conservatively modified to no longer insert the extra KDE Cups widgets and
modifications so they don't appear twice.  Discuss with Kevin and David
they would prefer.

Hopefully now you guys are used to the code and Qt standards we can fit
in before the freeze.


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