[kdelibs/frameworks] /: Merge the 2 fromMimeData functions

Stephen Kelly steveire at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 14:47:38 UTC 2012

David Faure wrote:

> On Friday 06 January 2012 04:14:14 Stephen Kelly wrote:
>> Nicolas Lécureuil wrote:
>> > Git commit 0ec434954c5919b6714449016d2dfcef51585204 by Nicolas
>> > Lécureuil. Committed on 04/01/2012 at 18:05.
>> > Pushed by nlecureuil into branch 'frameworks'.
>> > 
>> > Merge the 2 fromMimeData functions
>> This change is source incompatible.
> Yes it is. However, 99% of the users of KUrl::List::fromMimeData only pass
> the first argument (QMimeData*) and don't care about the other two, which
> are mostly only used by libkonq.
>> In the name of source compatibility (which is important), I recommend you
>> revert it.
> You made a similar "rarely occuring SIC" in QAbstractItemView, why can't
> we clean up KUrl::List::fromMimeData?

I don't think the patches are very similar (change signature of virtual 
method versus remove overload), but I guess you're focusing on the 'cleanup' 

Anyway, maybe we need a place to record source incompatible changes like 



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