fix frameworks-kactions compile error

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Sat Apr 14 17:19:51 UTC 2012

Kevin Ottens wrote:

> On Wednesday 11 April 2012 23:34:18 Stephen Kelly wrote:
>> So here's my proposal:
>> * kplotting should be renamed and repurposed as kwidgetsaddons (tier1), a
>> framework which depends only on QtWidgets. The widgets in there should be
>> self-contained and not rely on any 'KDE stuff' (This is one of the
>> central goals of the frameworks effort and the only reason to move stuff
>> around at this point). I had to choose the kwidgetsaddons name because
>> kwidgets exists,
> Not sure if having kplotting grouped with the rest is a good idea,
> definitely looked like something which could stand on its own as a cheap
> plotting solution.

Too cheap to be on it's own IMO. Someone who really wants to do plotting 
wouldn't be using it, they'd use a KDChart or Qwt.

> Also AFAIK it's doomed to have at least two competitors, so someone who
> wants to do plotting and use some of our widgets probably don't want to
> drag two plotting engines.

'At least two competitors' = KDChart and QwtPlot?

Those are far more complete than the kplotting widget. They're really not 
comparable at all in terms of complexity or use-cases. 

kplotting also doesn't depend on either of the above plotting engines, let 
alone both of them, so I guess I didn't understand what you wrote here or 
why having kplotwidget grouped with other widgets would mean dragging them 

>> This is only a partial selection of the widgets available already with
>> some definite candidates to populate a kwidgetsaddons library like I
>> described, so I'm sure creating such a framework would be worth it.
> Could you bring those notes to the newly created page, the comment column
> is here for that:

Are you sure? These are not 'de-duplication' tasks.



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