Which package will provide the common KDE library version number ?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Wed Apr 11 18:44:32 UTC 2012

On Saturday 10 March 2012, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> Also, this means the term "KDE frameworks" doesn't actually mean a lot.
> I mean, what would make a library a "KDE frameworks library" ?
> Being part of the KDE SC releases ?
> But I'm really not sure this will result in a pleasant experience for
> developers and maybe also packagers to build the whole thing.
> If we go that route, I'd like to have somebody volunteering to do the
> support for all those people who will have problems building due to
> dependency problems, or a strange mixture of versions that has been found,
> or people complaining that they already have to upgrade their cmake again
> because some library upped their required version. I don't feel like doing
> the support for this.
> If we want to keep a mostly smooth experience for developers working on
> multiple parts/the whole KDE SC (which is IMO one of the things which make
> up "KDE"), this is IMO not the way to go.

Ok, most of the work in cmake itself is done, now back to KDE...

So, what I currently have in mind of how "KDE frameworks libraries" will 
install and how they will be usable:

* each KDE frameworks library will install a KFooConfig.cmake file
* by using find_package(KFoo CONFIG_MODE) this Config.cmake file will be used 
directly, no guarantees about matching versions etc.
* we will provide a FindKF5.cmake, which supports components:
* this find-module will ensure that only matching Config.cmake files are 
found, and can have additional logic for layering two installations of KDE 
frameworks (one from the system, shadowed partly by the one(s) the developer 
is working on)

How does that sound ?


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