frameworks build issues

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Mon Nov 28 17:40:23 UTC 2011

Mario Bensi (Nef) wrote:

> Le mercredi 23 novembre 2011 11:44:50 Stephen Kelly a écrit :
>> Stephen Kelly wrote:
>> > David Faure wrote:
>> > 
>> >> On Tuesday 22 November 2011 15:29:25 Stephen Kelly wrote:
>> >>> We can enforce this by creating a 'done' folder, and calling
>> >>> add_subdirectory(done) in kdelibs.git/CMakeLists.txt as early as
>> >>> possible. At least before the call to find_package(KDE4Internal
>> >>> REQUIRED).
>> >> 
>> >> Moving stuff means adjusting 100 includepaths yet again...
>> >> 
>> >> How about doing what you suggested in tier1 and then moving it up in
>> >> kdelibs.git/CMakeLists.txt?
>> >> 
>> > 
>> > Yes, that would work.
>> > 
>> > I'll do that if I can just comment out any subdirectory that doesn't
>> > build.
>> I did have to move kcoreaddons and karchive back to the kdecore
>> directory.
>> Those three are interdependent still, so there's some more work  to do
>> before they can be split out.
>> The tier1 directory is near the top now though, so people would have to
>> move those back in there and then consider why they don't build and what
>> needs to be done about it (using the spreadsheet for reference).
> I don't understand why you have moved those directories (kcoreaddons and
> karchive), IMO you just need add the includes and libraries directories
> missing no ?
> I perhaps misunderstood something but the goal to move this directory out
> of kdecore ( in tier*), it's to see the dependancy problem and try to find
> a solution ( move some part of kde in Qt, etc... ) and during this time we
> keep the library in tier* and add all necessary dependancies in cmake
> files to fix the build.
> Now i think this process hide just the problem for the guys who work on
> the port of the part of kde to qt for example.
> Mario

Just to note that this is an old message, and the issue was discussed on irc 
last week and resolved in this mailing list. It's not a re-opening of this 



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