[Kde-finance-apps] Introducing Koo

Albert Cervera i Areny albert at nan-tic.com
Sun Mar 21 13:37:38 CET 2010

I just wanted to introduce the Koo project to all kde-finance-apps members.

Koo [1] is a client for OpenERP[2]/OpenObject[3] based on PyQt. It uses PyKDE 
if available, but by now, only for storing semantic information using Nepomuk. 

Although the official client for OpenERP is GTK based, with Koo we have some 
cool stuff, such as:

- A model that can be used to access information on the application server 
from any Qt widget using interview.
- Much better performance which allows using the client with a WAN between the 
client and the server.
- Better API which makes creating new applications based on the platform a 
- Integrated full text search.
- A POS mode useful for touchscreen applications, while still having all 
flexibility of OpenERP available. [4]

You can see some old screenshots here [5] and some more up to date information 
in our blog [6].

I must admit that it seems hard we can find points in common with other kde 
finance applications due to the fact that Koo uses a three-tier architecture 
and Python instead of C++, but for example, one of the things we're missing is 
an intuitive and powerful Charts API. We started using matplotlib, then 
created our own, and we're considering matplotlib again, but it's terrible API 
makes the decision pretty hard. We also had to implement a minimal calendar 
view, which really lacks behind GTK and Web based clients and it's something 
that would be nice KDE provided.

Well, by now I'll be right here watching progress of kde-finance project, and 
I hope we can help with some stuff in the future!

[1] https://launchpad.net/openobject-client-kde
[2] http://www.openerp.com
[3] https://launchpad.net/openobject-server
[4] http://albert-nan.blogspot.com/2009/02/koo-in-pos-mode.html
[5] http://www.nan-tic.com/koo-platform
[6] http://albert-nan.blogspot.com/

Albert Cervera i Areny
OpenERP Partners
Mòbil: +34 669 40 40 18

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