[Kde-finance-apps] Query methods for Alkimia Database Class

Mukesh Gupta mukesh.gupta2011 at ece.dce.edu
Wed Jun 16 15:14:37 CEST 2010

Hello Thomas ,Klass ,Fernando,Alvaro and all,

I have written some initial code of the Database class which will handle all
Sqlite database related operations for the alkimia Dbus service.
The initial code contains methods for inserting and updating a record in the
Now i need a help regarding the possible query methods.The available fields
are transaction id,source application name,memo,amount,status and date.
Also tell me what are the other methods that could become a part of the
How should the amount field be represented in database? Can we store it as a
string and write an alkvalue method to convert string to alkvalue. Or we
should store both numerator and denominator of the alkvalue as Double in
Sorry i cannot upload the code due to some problem with svn account.We do
that as soon as possible.

Regards ,
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