[Kde-finance-apps] Spring meeting

Guillaume DE BURE guillaume.debure at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 22:28:45 CET 2010

Hey Guys,

I'm sorry for kicking in so late, as I mentionned before, I was out of
PC for a while :( I'm not done yet with all the emails I missed during
this period, but this one being the most exciting topic of the moment,
it got my attention immediately ;)

Anyway, I'll be trying to attend for the skrooge team, I will need to
get my Boss agreement before. No I'm not talking about my boss, but
about my *Boss*, ie my wife =D !!! We all have our family issues, so I
won't bother you with details, only that the oldest of my three kids
is 4 1/2, so leaving all the work on her for a few days is a tricky
issue to tackle !

But I would really want to be part of this, so I'll do everything I can !

OK, more on the topic below...

2010/1/28 Thomas Baumgart <thb at net-bembel.de>:

>> What about these concrete date proposals:
>> friday, april 30th -> sunday, may 2nd
>> or
>> friday, may 14th -> sunday, mayy 16th
> May 13th is "Father's day" and a lot of people take Friday off. But that
> shouldn't matter.  May 1st there is an annual large bike race around
> Frankfurt. This might have some impact on accommodation, as they start not too
> far from the meeting location. (http://www.eschborn-frankfurt.de/)
I'm fine with any of these

>> > Sponsorship:
>> > We can probably get good support from the KDE e.V. for that, finance
>> > and location wise if we ask. Usually the KDE e.V. reimburses 80% of
>> > travel- and accomodation costs, if we follow some simple rules like
>> > for example that we inform the community of what happened.
>> I checked with Cornelius (he is the president of the KDE e.V.) and he
>> said that the e.V. board is expecting our sprint and they have the money
>> planned for that.
>> > Can the e.V. issue 'Spendenquittungen' (don't know if donation receipt
>> > is the right translation)? That might bring in some sponsors.
>> Sure, since it is a 'real' eV ;-)
> Good to know.
Fantastic. It is really something that will weight *a lot* in my coming...

>> > Location:
>> > If over a weekend, Thomas can offer his office space here near Frankfurt
>> > (coffee included :) ) There are hotels around in walking distance and
>> > their weekend rates should be reasonable - he can check on that if
>> > needed.  All we have to make sure is, that there's no large trade show in
>> > Frankfurt.
>> I would suggest to go to Frankfurt if Thomas is ok with that. Especially
>> for people flying in from far Frankfurt is perfect, and its also ok for
>> France and Belgium I think. Thomas, if ok with you, please check dates
>> or suggest others.
> From Brussels it is a four hour car ride to Frankfurt. From France, it depends
> where you live: from Paris one might be better off to take the fast train via
> Cologne or a plain than a car ride.
> Both dates are fine with me - and I have confirmation from my company that we
> can use the facilities.
I live near Toulouse, but could leave from Paris if needed, so I don't
really mind.

>> > Now, we should collect who is coming. Every application team will know
>> > who is the best people to come.
>> For Kraft it would be
>> - Klaas Freitag (Nuremberg, Germany)
>> - Thomas Richard (Belgium) (@Thomas: i assume ;-)
>> Please add names here for the other teams!
> For KMyMoney that would be (planned)
> - Thomas Baumgart (Frankfurt, Germany)
> - Alvaro (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
> - Fernando Vilas (Texas, USA)
For Skrooge, that would be
- Guillaume De Bure (Toulouse, France)

>> > We also have to invite designers, translators, etc. outside of this list.
>> As said, I would not do that for the first time. Lets keep it rather small
>> to make it effective.
> Agreed.
Agreed also for the first shot.

>> > In my case, going all the way up there for only 3 days means spending
>> > as much time on the plane as on the meeting,
>> Yes, and I guess we have to be flexible with the date in order to get an
>> ok flight fare for you. Can you check the costs soon and let me know?
> I am pretty flexible with the dates. And the facilities shouldn't be a
> problem: I have access to a meeting room at the local sports club also, if
> needed.
> BTW, we usually do much better than this guy if we speak English
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXPPu418C78
> It is sooo embarrassing.
Eh eh... ever heard Sarkozy (current french president) or Chirac
(previous) speak english ? You'd have a good laugh too !!!

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