Retirement of Capacity

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Mon Feb 13 17:54:05 GMT 2023

Hi all,

The time has just about arrived for us to make the switch over to the new

The following sites will be turned into static HTML over the next 24-48

Following their conversion, the website repositories will then be archived
- freezing them in time.

>From what I understand, the following sites already have migration plans in
place to switch to Hugo - if those could please be expedited that would be

That leaves just one lone site making use of Capacity:

As only uses Capacity for it's front page, and the majority of
accesses are directly to the underlying documentation that site will remain
unchanged however as Capacity will be unavailable in the new environment
the index (which is the only part relying on Capacity) will not be

As it will take a week or so to ensure everything is settled in on the new
site those two sites (edu and docs) will be left on the old server until it
is necessary to shut them down.
Please note that once the switch is done neither site will update from it's
existing contents.

Let me know if there are any queries on the above.

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