NASA - Country of Origin Statement & 508 Conformance Request: LabPlot

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Thu Sep 30 15:30:33 BST 2021

Hi Josh,

Thanks for contacting us. I'm replying as one of the board members of KDE 
e.V., the non-profit organization that supports the KDE community. At the same 
time, KDE e.V is not a company, and we do not provide or deliver products. We 
publish source code.

On Thursday, 30 September 2021 14:32:04 CEST Robertson, Joshua (LARC-B7)[LAMPS 
2] wrote:
> Hello, my name is Josh and I work for the NASA Commercial IT Acquisition
> Team.  As such, I ensure that all NASA acquisitions of Covered Articles
> comply with Title II; General Provision Section 208 and Title V; General
> Provisions Section 514 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, Public
> Law
> 116-260<>,
> enacted December 27, 2020.  To do so, the Country of Origin (CoO)
> information must be obtained from the company that develops, produces,
> manufactures, or assembles the product(s).  Please specifically identify
> the country, or countries, in which each of the following software products
> is developed and maintained:
>   *   LabPlot

We do not track countries where individual contributors -- independent 
contributors with no direct ties to KDE e.V. -- live. Presumably the majority 
of the code is written in Germany.

> If the CoO is outside the United States, please provide any information you
> may have stating that testing is performed in the United States prior to
> supplying products to customers.

We do not supply products to customers.

> Additionally, if available, please identify all authorized resellers of the
> product(s) in question.

There are none. Anyone may download the source code, for free.

> Finally, I am requesting an Accessibility Conformance Report (starting from
> Page 10 of the attached VPAT) be completed and returned so that NASA can
> assess the product's level of 508 Conformance. 


> . I have attached a
> blank copy of the latest revision of the VPAT standard if you do not
> already have a completed VPAT available for this product. Please complete
> this document to the best of your abilities, if one is not already
> available.

The document is not accessible. You may consider sending it in an open format 

Adriaan de Groot (KDE e.V. board of directors)
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