D27583: rebuild mosaic multiple dataset

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  In D27583#626331 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D27583#626331>, @echarruau wrote:
  > There are mistakes in the multipledataset option text, see my online comments.
  > We could split multipledataset 2 2 in two different levels according to the number of items.
  > We could add an additional level but this includes quite a lots of change.
  >  For this we need to have a different size between the model and the target. Let me explain you why.
  >  In the current mosaic (single line option) children do not need to recall the order of the elements. They simply have to recognise one elements and put the same under. This is not what we are aiming at :)
  >  Solution: have a smaller model that the target.
  > I recognize that the layout could be better if it would be centered. Nonetheless well done :) These are just details.
  > To sum up
  >  multipledata1: as it is now but centered
  >  multipledata2: as it is now but with a smaller model than the target (should be centered and we need to add an attribute to the multipledata)
  >  multipledata3: first half of multipledata2
  >  multipledata4: second half of multipledata2
  @echarruau Regarding the layout rework, I had a discussion with @timotheegiet earlier as he going to do the rework when the multiple datasets are merged. As mentioned about the splitting the multiple datasets I would make that changes and update the diff.
  You can find the task related with the changes to layout of the activity here and add comments here regarding the layout so it would be good to refer later https://phabricator.kde.org/T12809
  Thanks :)

  R2 GCompris


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