D29008: Use the mount Pier Side property to manage Pier Flip

Eric Dejouhanet noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Apr 23 18:07:24 BST 2020

TallFurryMan added a comment.

  I'm sorry if I sounded harsh in my comments. The last thing I want is a flamewar between C# and C++ ;)


> chrisrowland wrote in capture.cpp:6831
> This is my C# .NET background coming out, I don't see a problem with returning a string as what it is - a string.
> Not sure what would be a more friendly name, MeridianFlipStagestring() maybe?

Yeah C# relieved people from many language weirdnesses I suppose.
The friendly name didn't relate to the function name: my point was that the strings returned by the function were used in logs, thus could be more friendly to the end-user. But this is completely minor.

> chrisrowland wrote in mount.cpp:1137
> what do you mean?  If to different languages I have no idea how to do this.

This is also minor, but it could have been the opportunity to wrap the strings with i18n() so that they are registered as translatable.
After all, they appear in the UI.

> chrisrowland wrote in mount.cpp:1343
> Not sure what the various times available to me are, a clue would help.

KStarsData::Instance()->clock()->utc() as done at line 1326.

> chrisrowland wrote in mount.ui:371
> Are these changes in the UI under my control? the sizes maybe but the auto generated code moving isn't something I can control.

They should not be part of your commit actually, as you did not change this yourself.

  R321 KStars


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