D28935: Reduce memory use when zooming in fitsviewer

Hy Murveit noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Apr 21 08:06:11 BST 2020

murveit added a comment.

  Honestly, I don't know and can't test. However, it shouldn't fail. See line 161 in fitsview.cpp. 
  If the system call on Windows doesn't support the _SC_PHYS_PAGES  request,
  it should return -1 according to http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man3/sysconf.3.html
  and then we should get the 300% default.
  According to https://www.mkssoftware.com/docs/man3/sysconf.3.asp there is no _SC_PHYS_PAGES_
  and they say the -1 return value should be given, so my code should fail back to a 300% limit.
  Apparently, there's a  MEMORYSTATUS.dwAvailPhys call on windows, https://github.com/eygilbert/egdb_intl/issues/1
  but I can't compile nor test windows code.
  If you like, would it be possible for you to please test this on Windows?
  (e.g. add a printf to see what the variables are and if their product matches the amount of physical memory, or if one is -1)?

  R321 KStars


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