D24257: PHD2 Enhancements

Wolfgang Reissenberger noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Sep 28 11:09:51 BST 2019

wreissenberger added a comment.

  > We don't really want to be disabling cameras that are connected to Ekos unless they are actually being used in PHD2 as a guide camera I would think?  The images are received and displayed in fits viewer because PHD2 hasn't said that that is the guide camera yet.
  Personally, I do not like it when the FITS viewer pops up with the image from the guiding camera - no matter in what state Ekos and PHD2 are. I am not fully aware of all the consequences what happens if it is turned off.
  But since I know now what do do, I can live with it.

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