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  In D24257#538989 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D24257#538989>, @wreissenberger wrote:
  > One behavior that seems to be new: if PHD2 is not connected to EKOS and PHD2 is looping, the images of the guiding camera are displayed in the FITS viewer. Is there a reason behind or is it simply a bug?
  So part of my goal is to identify the actual camera that is connected to Ekos so that we can enable/disable that specific camera when PHD2 gets connected.  If the camera is connected to Ekos and PHD has not connected and told it not to receive guide frames, then it is basically a camera that is connected to Ekos and the frames should be received.  We don't really want to be disabling cameras that are connected to Ekos unless they are actually being used in PHD2 as a guide camera I would think?  The images are received and displayed in fits viewer because PHD2 hasn't said that that is the guide camera yet.
  Another part of my goal is that we should be able to enable and disable the guide camera's remote images receipt in Ekos at will.  The old method discovers cameras when Ekos starts up and so at that point PHD2 is not connected.  I would like to be able to check and uncheck a box to enable remote images when I want to, so that I can get the full image, select a guide star, setup guiding, and then disable them so that I just get the guide star image from PHD2.  It's not quite there yet, but this is the first step.

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