D24257: PHD2 Enhancements

Robert Lancaster noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Sep 27 21:08:53 BST 2019

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> TallFurryMan wrote in guide.cpp:595
> (What I meant was that my obs has two indiservers indeed, one for the guider ccd, one for Ekos. But configuring phd2 to capture from one and send corrections to the other is tricky.)

Do you mean one INDI Server for the Mount and one for the CCD?

I'm not sure your configuration would cause any issues.  With my new code, the only thing Ekos cares about for this option is what PHD2 is using for the Camera, not for the mount or aux mount.  And basically if Ekos has a connection to the same camera, then it should get the name from PHD2, identify that they are the same camera and treat that as the "guide" camera.  Then it should receive the full guide frames if the user wants that, or the guide star image instead.  If the same camera isn't connected to Ekos, then all you can do is get the guide star image.

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