D24257: PHD2 Enhancements

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> TallFurryMan wrote in guide.cpp:548
> Switch case might have been appropriate now that all cases are distinct.

Well my hope is to get rid of the if statement that now only happens for Linguider entirely.  But I don't have Linguider to try to make the same changes that I did for PHD2.  Nor do I have any experience with it.

> TallFurryMan wrote in guide.cpp:595
> As a side note, this will be the case in my obs, so that branch will tested in my environment. I think the option "receive external guide frames" is confusing and should be renamed (no action from your part, warning is OK).

So I partially agree.  If you have seen my comments before, I have definitely advocated using PHD2-only connected guiders rather than using INDI connected guiders that are also connected to Ekos.  In fact this is what I have been doing on my system the last couple of years.

I would like to see this option of switching back and forth between receiving the full guide frames and the profile image become an option similar to and as easy to use as the "use subframe" checkboxes in Ekos.  This is like my first step on that road.  It still requires reconnecting or restarting.  I haven't yet figured out how to make it switch perfectly.  The issue is that the guide camera getting blobs enabled and disabled doesn't always seem to work except for the first time I call it.  So a reconnection or restart is needed?  it needs further analysis.  But for now, the message just says restart Ekos and that works.

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