D22097: Syntax correction in src/backend/hypothesisTest/

Devanshu Agarwal noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jun 26 18:44:20 BST 2019

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> sgerlach wrote in HypothesisTest.cpp:279
> why qSqrt and not sqrt from cmath?

How to decide which to use ? qSqrt or sqrt?

> asemke wrote in HypothesisTest.cpp:330
> no i18n here and below in other printError calls?

printError function calls printLine function which  inturn calls getLine function and getLine function converts message to i18n string

This is implementation of getLine function:

  QString HypothesisTestPrivate::getLine(const QString& msg, const QString& color) {
  	return i18n("<p style=color:%1;>%2</p>", color, msg);

> asemke wrote in HypothesisTest.cpp:498
> where are the deletes for these arrays?

Now, I have added deletes for every memory allocation with new keyword

> asemke wrote in HypothesisTest.cpp:566
> put h3 tags outside of the i18n call here and in other similar places in the code.

does i18n will try to translate these tags along with other content or will it recognize these tags?

> asemke wrote in HypothesisTest.cpp:579
> i18n?

It is there in function implementation of getHtmlTable

> asemke wrote in HypothesisTest.cpp:582
> i18n?

getHtmlTable make use of i18n.

> asemke wrote in HypothesisTestPrivate.h:58
> all m_* are private and should be part of the private section.

will m_* will be done for private functions or only for variables?

  R262 LabPlot


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