D21893: magic-hat, add multiple datasets

Johnny Jazeix noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Jun 23 07:59:44 BST 2019

jjazeix added inline comments.


> StarsBar.qml:49
> +            visible: item.coefficientVisible
> +            text: qsTr(item.coefficient.toString() + "  x")
> +            fontSizeMode: Text.HorizontalFit

use .arg() for translation, on some locale, it may not be "3 x" but "3x" or even "x3" or not x at all.
There are also 2 spaces, I think it's 0 in English.

> Data.qml:28
> +    difficulty: 4
> +    property var range: 100
> +    data: [

if it's always an int, use int as type. Note that a range is usually two bounds, not a single number, it's more a maxValue here

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