D21710: Add multiple datasets to smallnumbers activity

Johnny Jazeix noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Jun 15 14:41:24 BST 2019

jjazeix added a comment.

  Good job for the activities.
  There is an issue when running gletters or wordsgame:
  qrc:/gcompris/src/activities/gletters/Gletters.qml:89: TypeError: Type error
  There has been some improvements in the multiple_dataset branch, for example adding the ChooseLevelDialog in the activities themselves. Feel free to merge it when you think it won't be too much of a rework and you have time.


> Data.qml:26
> +Dataset {
> +    objective: qsTr("Select number on dice up to 7")
> +    difficulty: 2

smallnumbers2 is with dominoes

> Data.qml:27
> +    objective: qsTr("Select number on dice up to 7")
> +    difficulty: 2
> +    data: [

be sure the diff is the same as in the code, this is missing in the repo and causes:
qrc:/gcompris/src/core/DialogChooseLevel.qml:277:33: QML Image: Cannot open: qrc:/gcompris/src/core/resource/difficulty0.svg

> AkshayCHD wrote in Wordlist.qml:108
> @jjazeix I created a separate function for loading wordlist from a JSON object as function overloading is not possible in javascript https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/797997/JavaScript-Does-NOT-Support-Method-Overloading-Tha . Is this okay ?

yes, sure

  R2 GCompris


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